New Webmill Testimonial

New Webmill Testimonial

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What those who work in the Webmill digital hub think......

“Remote working has become the norm in 2020 and the future for many businesses. It is not possible for all that live outside the main cities due to broadband availability and/or reliability. However you will find that there are solutions on your door step and this is exactly what I found when I visited Paddy Buggy, Manager of the Webmill in Mountmellick, Co. Laois.


Paddy, presented a solution with all the facilities a modern day office has to offer. From the décor to your own dedicated work space, meetings rooms, canteen facilities, breakout areas and quality broadband connectivity, the Webmill in Mountmellick offers everything you need.


Not only do you have all the amenities to work in comfortable surroundings, you also get work/life balance and no long commutes.


Since taking up a permanent office space in the Webmill, my commute has reduced from 20 hours per week to 20 minutes. I have established connections with others that have availed of the services on offer at the Webmill including local, national and international business people & businesses.


If you are looking for a remote working solution, reach out to Paddy and you are guaranteed to find a solution that meets your needs, whether it is a dedicate work area or PAYG.


You will not be disappointed – 5 star service."


Gerard Clear

Head of IT

Financial Services

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