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Digital Hubs

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Digital Hubs located in rural towns and villages bring more to the table than their city cousins.


Digital Hubs are a breath of fresh air with their communities of like-minded people feeding off each other’s experience and ideas to achieve outstanding results. All provide great facilities, great coffee, and events areas to keep the buzz going. City based digital hubs benefit from large population pools with many young people attracted to the city lights being the principal users of digital hubs. What chance do the rural hubs have of competing against their city cousins?


Rural digital hubs have everything the city hubs have except a city address. To overcome this rural hub, work harder to provide a wider range of services and supports to their users. They work with their clients to help them grow their business, to identify good living accommodation at a fraction of city rents, they work closely with the local councils and state agencies to make locating there easier. One job located in a rural area has greater importance to that area than twenty jobs in a city. They do this to ensure their communities grow and benefit from having well paid jobs in their area.


One of the services the Webmill digital hub in Mountmellick County Laois offers is access to gated living accommodation along with a great working environment. Through collaborations with other businesses, professionals working in the Webmill can rent gated accommodation in Pims Court at a fraction of Dublin prices.


Pims Court is a boutique development of six town houses. Situated in the former Pims Brewery and Williams Bottling Plant. These homes retain unique characteristics of stone features, brick arches and cobble stone yard spaces. With a town centre location, off street parking, outdoor recreational space, automated security gates and only five minutes’ walk from the Webmill digital hub Pims Court is the ideal location for professionals to live.


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