Covid 19 Protocols @ The Webmill

Covid 19 Protocols @ The Webmill

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Covid 19 Protocols

The following outlines the protocols engaged at the Webmill to prevent and reduce the risk of Covid 19.

Guide Lines

All Government guide lines are being implemented at the Webmill facility and as the guide lines change the processes will be adjusted accordingly.

Access to the facility

Access to the facility is via a phone app and only those authorised to enter the facility will be allowed to do so. The main entrance door will automatically open and close upon presentation of a valid QR Code.


Sign in and Sign out

Each user of the facility must sign in and out of the facility and log the name and contact number of visitors / clients which they meet at the premises each day.



Sanitisers are located at the main entrance door, the door into the Webmill and the canteen.



Cleaning and disinfection of the premises will be carried out each day of ALL common areas, welfare facilities, canteen, kitchen appliances, meeting rooms and doors.

Cleaning materials are provided for facility users to clean their own desks.



Each user is to maintain Government distancing rules which are currently set at 2m. To facilitate this ALL users are responsible for their own behaviour in this matter. Clients using the desks provided are over 2m apart when seated. Only 2 people can use the canteen at any given time. Only one person may use the lift at any given time and those using the stairs must wait if there is someone already on the stairs approaching in the opposite direction.



Should a user feel unwell they must remove themselves to a designated room to quarantine in until they can leave. Notification to be given to the Webmill Manager along with a list of contacts this person had during the day.


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